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kouhana by Meandragonx
First off, excuse me for the typo in her name, it's Kouhana. Also excuse me for the quality, dA quality sucks. There's a better version of it on my instagram.… ..

This is my third entry for Pokiradan (I never submitted the second because I didn't like it ehehe.)

Name: Kouhana

Age: 16

Pokemon Party:
Sylveon (main)
Doduo (other)
Eevee (other
Altaria (other)
Lopunny (other)

Hometown: Kouhana and her small family live on the outskirts of Nightwick Town, in a small cottage with a forest behind it. They do have a beautiful, well kept garden with healthy weeds and sprouting flowers. The cottage is mostly made out of wooden planks and logs, handed down by generations. It's quite spacious though, it just needs a few repairs here and there.

Appearance: Kouhana is a small, slender girl standing at 5'2 with long, waist length brown hair and light blue eyes, faded like the smoke after a fireworks show. Starting off with her face, she has light freckles speckled across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose- they blend in with her skin with a light shade of brown, similar to blush. She has thick, full lips that darken into a light brown by the opening of her mouth, and glistening white teeth and a very soft and feminine head-shape. Kouhana has very slanted shoulders, making them look like shes hunching a little. She isn't quite flat chested, and slightly curvy. Despise her height she has long legs that seep to redden by the knee-caps. Kouhana isn't really of a fashion girl, so she wears a over-sized honey-yellow colored sweatshirt with a leaf design on it. Covering her slanted shoulders is a fluffy, sky blue scarf that wraps around her neck and slightly covers her left shoulder. To match with her scarf are light blue knee-high tights. As pants, she wears a light green pair of jeans that had been cut off at the legs and slightly rolled up a little. She wears a pair of red coverse, with a red and blue pokeball design on it and dark blue laces. The insides of the shoes are also a dark blue. To top everything off, she wears a set of dark brown antlers she used to wear when she was little. She loved to cosplay with her brother and she recieved them as a gift from her mother, whom was an expert at molding and creating dolls. In her other version, she wears the antlers that shoot straight up. Her hair wraps around them. In her casual look she also wears the antlers molded to a way a deer has them, with her hair arched downward and swooping off one of the antlers. (It's hard to explain xD) To keep all of her potions, books and food, she has a plain beige bag with her pokeballs lining up on the closing of it. 

Personality: Kouhana is a very quiet and thoughtful girl, always thinking of others and her surroundings. She's an avid nature lover, however, and whenever someone brings up the subject she will immediately become flamboyant and giddy. Word's can't really express how much she loves pokemon and the plants that surround her everyday life. Having grown up in a cottage, on the edge of town, the forests were on low security and polluted with all sorts of criminal minds (both humans and pokemon), so she wasn't allowed to venture out. Kouhana was heartbroken, she was never really able to enjoy what she wanted to do for a living. Thus, she spent most of her life until age ten locked up in her home, reading books and playing with her dolls. The Town, known for the dark type gym, rarely had any children living near her (she lives in the outskirts) so she was always lonely. Her only company was her brother, who was also in love with all things nature. She raised all of her pokemon with sympathy and care, though 

- Kouhana is an obvious fan of nature.
- Another thing she enjoys doing is reading, absorbing as much as she can into her brain.
- Cosplaying
- Meditating
- The forest
- French food
- Little kids (enjoys baby sitting them)
- Pokemon (who wouldnt!?)
- Equality for all humans and pokemon

- People (she thinks they are a hazard to the enviroment, and finds some of the quite idiotic.)
- Construction sites (obviously they destroy the habitats of many pokemon living in an area)
- Anything to do with sexism
- Ageists

Kouhana was a mistake, she was never mean to be born. At the age of twenty two, her mother, a skilled sculptor, had fallen into pregnancy. She was shocked, yet delighted that she would be having a baby for herself. Not long after that, she and her husband got married and moved into his cottage, which had been passed down from generation to generation. It was finally his time to reclaim it, so what better opportunity than to move in with his life-long friend? (He had been dating Kouhana's mother for several years now) Let's zoom over to when Kouhana was born. Several birthdays passed, she was seven when she first discovered her love for nature and forests. She wanted to become a Pokemon Professor, and her mother agreed of this passion and wanted her to learn as much as she could. She was taught how to read and write, and read about all sorts of nature related topics. Kouhana grew interested in venturing and learning about herbs and berries herself, instead of reading out of a book. Her mother, however, disagreed and told her about the dangers in the forest. Kouhana sighed, and agreed, spending the next three years of her life staying home and reading more and more about pokemon and their physical and mental abilities. She never grew tired however, until one day when she found out about cosplaying in one of the books about the Miora region. She asked her mother to help her make Deerling antlers, she loved to wear them and prance around. It made her feel like one with nature, and that made her happy and peaceful. By this age she realized how much she wanted to leave- though it was impossible. One night she bid farewell to her parents, hoping to live by her own in the forest. She befriended the dark type pokemon there, however, but returned home about a month later.

Anything else?: Nope. Sylveon was her first pokemon though and she loves it very dearly.


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